Traditionally cooking smoke and odour was exhausted through the roof to atmosphere.  In our modern high-rise city living this can no longer happen.


This is where our 'Muck Sucker' comes in.


We at H N S Fume & Dust Control Pty Ltd manufacture the canopy as well as the 'Muck Sucker' and as an integrated system the 'Muck Sucker'  will take out the smoke and the odour, which then allows the operators to discharge even horizontally through windows etc.


The difference this makes, as traditionally they would have had to discharge through the roof in what could possibly be a high-rise building at a massive cost which may have been prohibitive they now have an alternative.


The size of the canopy will determine the size of the 'Muck Sucker'.


Below is a typical wall  mounted canopy coupled up to an ms2000 'muck sucker' unit


kitchen canopy


These can be set up in several different modules according to area available.  The discharge would always be to atmosphere as there is hot air involved which can not be ducted back into the work place.


In almost every case we fit carbon filters after the electrostatic filters for the removal of odour.


All this equipment is made from stainless steel, as it is compatible with the stainless steel canopy and also for cleaning purposes.


H N S Carbon Odour Filters are designed to eliminate objectionable odours or chemicals in gaseous form from commercial kitchens and industrial installation.


kitchen canopy kitchen canopies


A typical high-rise application is shown below connecting several canopies to a centrally located 'muck sucker' system discharging through a side wall from a well known restaurant in the inner city area.


kitchen canopy kitchen canopies