dust collectorsRoof Fans

These are a simple but very effective solution to your factory fuming problems.


Sized correctly they can clear your work place in a matter of minutes from nuisance airborne fumes and dusts that are generated in most factories.


In nearly all factories we have forklifts, trucks loading and unloading and general moving of materials throughout the plant generating dusts and fumes.


Other means of removing these problem fumes and dusts would be to fit hoods and canopies and ducting over these areas, which would be very expensive and could affect future expansion of operations.


A major bonus with this type of ventilation is, in the summer the hot air is removed as your fumes/dusts are removed and cooler air is brought in to the factory through your open doors.


dust collector


Roof fans are constructed from galvanized steel and have a poly impeller and come complete with over flashing and a hinged flapper cowl located inside a duct section, which stops the flap opening and closing when a fan is not in use.


Area must be sized accurately to ensure the system is effective.  If too few fans are fitted it will not operate correctly.


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