Moisture Eliminators

Mist applications are amongst the most problematic projects faced by industry today.  As the mist is airborne it is easily inhaled by staff and can be dangerous.


Mists can be generated from machining that may be a mixture of 90+ water and cutting oil or it may be cooking oils or vapours from cleaning operations.


H N S Fume & Dust Control Pty Ltd build our moisture eliminators to suit all of the above applications employing different systems to suit each specific pollutant.


The photograph below is from a manufacturing company which used to have huge problems with a build up of mists and heat which would accumulate through out the course of the day and be of much concern to employees and management.


We fitted special oil mist filtration to each machine and ducted the odour and the heat out through the roof to atmosphere thereby creating a much happier and safer work place.


moisture eliminators