Hose Reel Exhausts

The hose reel is designed to extract fumes at source directly from a vehicle exhaust.


The system is complete with a fan bolted directly to the reel or fitted remotely if more than one reel is installed. The hose reel is spring loaded and can be pulled down manually or a motorized unit can also be supplied. The fumes are discharged to atmosphere above the roof.


hose reel system  



Multiple Reel Systems

Hose reels can be fitted in multiple configurations as shown.  These can be handled with a common fan or be coupled up in series with several smaller fans depending on ducting route.


hose reels  



Clamping Nozzles

A wide range of nozzles are available to suit individual vehicles from small cars to large truck and buses. They vary from steel handles to rubber handles for operation protection. Safety disconnection devices can be fitted to nozzles for when there is a risk of forgetting to disconnect the nozzle before the vehicle is moved from the work area.


Pneumatically disconnecting nozzles can also be fitted which disconnect by simply pressing a button.


hose reel systems